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Japanese Robots Hang Out With Their Friends in Singapore

M3-Neony & RoboErectus Jr. (BFFs)

A collection of Japanese robots are visiting Singapore between September 25th ~ October 8th 2010 at the Japan Creative Centre.  The JCC is a new kind of cultural center that seeks to promote not only traditional culture, but popular culture, and the latest in technological advances as well.  This includes robots, which are being demonstrated as part of the Life Innovation by Japan’s Robot Technologies exhibit.

Famous robots including ApriPoco (Toshiba), PaPeRo (NEC), Paro (AIST), Manoi PF01 (Kyosho), and newcomer M3-Neony (JEAP) are being exhibited.  Others include Kobayahi Lab’s Muscle Suit and Gyro Walk.  If that wasn’t enough Singapore’s own robots showed up, including Olivia (A*Star), and resident RoboCup athletes RoboErectus Jr. (ARICC).  Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon if you’re in the area.  Wish they’d come to my neck of the woods, but unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere.

You can see a bunch of photos of the robots (and… cute maids?) at Torin’s Facebook gallery.  Don’t miss it!

Thanks, Torin!

  • alex

    robots and maids FTW :)