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Robots Welcome Guests at South Korea’s Presidential Residence

Hanool Robotics recently unveiled the second generation of their service robot Tiro, which has a redesigned head and arms.  The robot will take up a permanent position at the Presidential residence (known as the Blue House or Cheong Wa Dae), where it will give tours and relate Korea’s cultural heritage.  Seoul hosts approximately 7 million visitors a month, 80% of whom are foreigners, so Tiro speaks Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English to accommodate them.  The robot’s shape was based on a beautiful maiden in traditional Korean dress.

Tiro (Hanool Robotics), Metal Fighter (MiniRobot), Genibo (DasaTech)

The second floor of the building will house a litter of Genibos (DasaTech’s robot dog) and a dance troupe made up of Metal Fighters (developed by MiniRobot, the original creators of the Robonova-1 hobby robot kit) that will give performances on a regular schedule.  Robots will be aggressively marketed by Korea’s tourism board to tout the nation’s technological prowess, and because they are considered one of the most popular attractions.  Sounds like Korea’s really beginning to stir the pot leading up to the opening of their two robot-related theme parks in the next couple of years.


[source: Hanool Robotics (KR)] via [Buncheon Times (KR)] & [KTV (KR)]