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Giant Robots & World War 3 Want YOU!

Filmmaker Fon Davis is looking for science-fiction fans with deep pockets to help him bring to life a 5-year dream project called MORAV: Missions. The story takes place in a future ravaged by World War 3 where robots are the primary weapons. It would be told primarily from a reporter’s point of view, embedded in one of the robot squads. If done properly, with a pseudo-documentary cinematography style akin to District 9, MORAV: Missions could be pretty cool – and probably much more interesting than the forthcoming Hugh Jackman movie about rock-em-sock-em robots.  The main problem is it sounds pretty similar to a dozen or so Japanese animated tv series and movies, not to mention video games (Front Mission springs to mind).

Davis is a friend of Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara, which kinda makes me wonder why they can’t scrounge together the $10,000 or so needed to make the first webisode. Come on, guys! You’re asking regular joe-schmoes to spend their hard-earned cash when you’ve got ties to the entertainment industry already? It looks like he’s worked on other productions, so it’s not like he doesn’t have connections.  And they want to do as much as possible in practical effects, which will no doubt cost more than doing most of it in post. Haven’t they learned anything from that guy from Uruguay who made a short film about giant robots (live action mixed with CG) who ended up with a $30M contract?  If their intention is to make a webisode to sell the idea to hollywood, will the donors get their money back if a deal is signed?  It appears Davis is a model miniature maker; couldn’t he make some cool robot minis and sell those to acquire the needed capital?

If you’d like to chip in, visit the source link.

[source: Indiegogo] via [Gallamine @ Twitter]

  • alex

    on their site and facebook are pictures how it will probably look like:!/pages/MORAV/122765794433107?v=photos
    – reminds me on Full Metal Panic
    I think if they would make it like a documentary (like those WW2) it could look interesting. Because when I remember pseudo docu. like Cloverfield it’s like you hear your brain cells dying by watching those idiots. If it would look like a documentary from a professional reporter and not like a video made by some idiots that just happened be there…

  • Robotbling

    I don’t mind that style, personally. I really enjoyed District 9 and Cloverfield. But who knows what style it will end up being, right?

  • alex

    I guess the robots would probably look like from that guy from Uruguay + a pseudo documentation – get reminded on \The Blair Witch Project\ and \Cloverfield\ – do not want.

    If it would be realistic (drones and so) that could be interesting.