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PAL Robotics Extends Contest Deadline

PAL Robotics has extended their contest deadline (the one to design the look of REEM-C, the company’s forthcoming bipedal humanoid) to October 15th due to technical problems receiving entries.  This means you still have time to submit an entry if you didn’t before – and now you can make use of my article (An Illustrated Guide to Designing Humanoid Robots) discussing some of the finer points of the process!  So don’t be lazy; take some time to create your own entry and be sure to submit before the 15th!  They have also announced the winner of the other contest.  Since they only posted the winning entry, I thought I’d share mine here.

The REEM-H platform could have a number of potential uses in public places.  As a mobile kiosk, the robot could be used at subway or train stations as well as airports to provide information.  Subway stations are often the most intimidating aspect of traveling to a new country, and I suspect the robot could be used to provide information on routes, time, and even sell passes.

I have not been to the airports in the UAE, however I think it would be helpful to have a mobile robot kiosk with maps of the layout and terminals.  Using the touchscreen, a person might enter their flight number and the robot could then tell them where to go.

Furthermore, the robot could be used in the lobby of expensive buildings such as the Burj Al Dubai.  One expects to find a technological showpiece in such extravagant buildings, and it could be used to direct people to phones, elevators, bathrooms, and floor directory.

I feel these would be awesome applications for the REEM-H platforms, and totally feasible given that similar robot platforms are already performing these duties in South Korea, but unfortunately I did not win. :(  Good luck to everyone on the 2nd contest!

[source: Life in the Robotics Lab]

  • alex

    So the winner was a “mime robot” – that is a killer app ? That’s probably one of the worsts and useless app they could choose. Your application is much better and useful. How did they choose it, by a random drawing ? But because they chosen it as the winner app I hope they will use it solely as a mime robot in the future…
    It’s no surprise they didn’t publish the other entries because everyone would see they are much much better. They probably chosen it only because of the picture – that’s just so cheap.

    About contest 2 it says: “due to a technical issue with the submission form…So you have two more weeks to send (or re-send!!) your design!”

    – I guess you should “re-send” your design (as I did) to be safe. But we shouldn’t get our hopes too high after the result of contest 1 :(