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CEATEC 2010: Murata Boy Gets Eco-Conscious

Murata Manufacturing will be showing off their technological prowess at CEATEC 2010, including the previously announced upgrade for Murata Girl (new video below).  Murata Boy Type ECO is the latest, energy-conscious version of the cycling robot.

A new wireless charging system allows Murata Boy to charge anytime, anywhere.  The specific form of wireless power transmission is not specified, however this technology could be used to recharge various home appliances such as TV remotes.

Murata Boy detects when people are in close proximity using an infrared sensor, and automatically enters standby mode when no one is around.  This sensor is already being installed in LCD TVs to conserve energy when no one is in the room.

Video (Murata Boy wakes from sleep mode):

The new Wi-Fi connection uses 50% less energy than a standard version.  Not only that, but the new short range wireless module uses 1/10th the power of a conventional Bluetooth connection.  These will increase the battery life in mobile phones, among other products.

Finally, a new energy meter graphs his electricity usage in real time and sends the data to a nearby computer.  In the following video, you can clearly see the extra power required to climb a steep incline.

Video (Murata Boy energy meter):

Video (Murata Girl S-curve, new angle):

Besides showing off Murata Manufacturing’s technology, which could be used in home electronics as well as robotics applications, the two robots are actively promoting science education in Japan.

[source: Murata press release (JP)] via [NODE (JP)]

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