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CEATEC JAPAN 2010: More Robots

NEC’s communication robot PaPeRo helps you check your blood pressure using Continua Health Alliances’ machine, which can also print out the measurement.  The robot uses an internet connection to upload the data to your medical file and to download and read aloud medical advice based on the results.

[source: Nikkei PC Online (JP)] via [K. Moriyama (JP)]

Tyco Electronics is demonstrating a robot dinosaur (TE Saurus) that can be controlled by visitors using a multi-touch display.  The demonstration suggests that humans shouldn’t be like the dinosaurs: they didn’t care about the environment and look what happened to them!  The company suggests we need to move towards a zero-carbon society, and has products related to LED lighting, smart grid technology, solar panels, and electronic components for hybrid vehicles.  More photos at the source link.

[source: Response (JP)]

An interactive virtual character called MMDAgent is being demonstrated for computers and smart phones.  The virtual character (in the form of the popular vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku or “Mei-chan”) hosts applications like weather, news, maps, and so on, and responds to voice commands using the open-source JULIUS speech recognition software.

Video (Mirror):

[source: CEATECJapanSuite @ YouTube]