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Blacklister – The ROBO-ONE Movie

The Japanese ROBO-ONE scene is world famous (at least among tech geeks online), and now they’ve made a movie that will help propel their hobby robot tournament further into the mainstream.  According to I Heart Robotics, who recently saw a screening in Tokyo, the movie prominently features TINYWAVE and holds to the Japanese “drama” style (which has proven too campy and melodramatic for some).  Sure, it’s pretty low-budg and all, but this is one dvd that should be fun to review when it is available in English sometime early next year.  That said, I must admit that I’d much rather watch a documentary-style film with behind-the-scenes interviews with the real hobbyists and their amazing creations than a fictional drama.

Trailer (Mirror):

[source: Blacklister (JP)] via [I Heart Robotics]

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