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Researchers at Sabanci University in Turkey have unveiled the country’s first humanoid robot, named SURALP (Sabanci University Robot Research Laboratory Platform).  The robot has been in development since 2002, and has cost roughly $1M USD thus far.  During the demonstration, the robot grabbed a can from a table and passed it to one of the engineers, and later took the can and threw it in the trash.  It also walked forward and backwards and performed a dance.

Associate Professor Kemalettin Erbatur spent time at the Yokohama National University as a visiting professor in 2001, which inspired him to build a full-scale humanoid robot when he returned home a year later.   He and his students spent the next 4 years planning the robot, including its materials and writing simulation software.  In 2006 they had built the legs and began testing them.  By 2008 the robot had been completed, but this is the first time it has been shown publicly.

SURALP stands 164cm (5’4″) tall and weighs 114kg (251 lbs).  It has 29 degrees of freedom (2 arms x6, 2 legs x6, neck x2, torso x1) and is equipped with cameras for vision.  It can maintain balance on various inclines using a combination of gyro sensors and accelerometers, and will reach out its arm to steady itself against a wall if it falters.

[source: Today’s Zaman] & [Sabanci University Gazette]


Video (Walking on an incline) (Mirror):

Video (Walking) (Mirror):

Video (Bracing against a wall) (Mirror):

Video (Upper body motion) (Mirror):

Video (Grasping) (Mirror):