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• T-Rot

TROT-headersmThis strange 4-eyed creation is T-Rot (Thinking Robot), an intelligent service robot.  Based on its surroundings, it can plan tasks and execute behaviors such as navigation or manipulation.  Furthermore, T-Rot has object, face, speech and gesture recognition capabilities enabling it to react to a person’s commands.

T-Rot gets around on wheels, using infra-red and laser range finder sensors to avoid bumping into things.  CIR has demonstrated its ability to locate and pick up objects using its three-fingered hands at a juice-bar installation where  it could grasp a cup, take it to a juice dispenser, and fill the glass before returning to the awaiting customer.

South Korean companies have already deployed similar service robots in airports (i-Maro) and in select post offices (Ubiquitous Robot Companions).  It seems as though CIR is working on the follow-up to T-Rot in the form of a similar robot called CIROS.



  • edwin

    can i know the speed with which t-rot moves around?