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Amazing Videos of HRP-4C Dancing Robot Project

Japanese science blogger extraordinaire K. Moriyama took some amazing videos of the Dancing Robot Project from Digital Content Expo 2010.

Video (part 1) (Mirror):

Video (alternate angle) (Mirror):

The project, led by Mr.SAM (dance choreographer), and researchers from AIST (Mr.Yokoi Kazuhito) and Tokyo University’s IRT Laboratory (Mr. Masaru Ishikawa), was announced at last year’s DC Expo (more info about it here).  As amazing as the HRP-4C’s dance routine is, it’s kind of hard not to get distracted by the much more lithe human dancers… I’m officially a leg man.  :o

If you haven’t subscribed to K. Moriyama’s YouTube channel, be sure to head over and do so via the source link below – he regularly attends and films robot-related events.  He also reminded everyone of HRP-2 Promet’s dance routine from back in 2005 from his Twitter.

[source: K. Moriyama’s YouTube channel] & [RoboTimes (JP)]

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  • Amazing stuff. Wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with a robot pop idol in the next few years. Vocoloid did it with Miku-chan. Now they’re aiming for the bots.

  • alex

    Next time they should correct the hands they look creepy and the voice is a bit annoying. At least they are going the right way compared with hers first singing attempt :)

  • Robotbling

    @ pagan

    Haha, yep… the age-old problem.

    @ Bright

    It’ll really be something when robots can dance as well as the girls in this video.

  • Not much lateral movement and both feet planted on the floor. Still, pretty freaking amazing.

  • pagan

    HRP-4C does it again. If only the software (AI) for humanoid robots would progress as fast as the hardware engineering obviously does.