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Amazing Videos of HRP-4C Dancing Robot Project

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  • TokyoTek

    Amazing stuff. Wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with a robot pop idol in the next few years. Vocoloid did it with Miku-chan. Now they’re aiming for the bots.

  • alex

    Next time they should correct the hands they look creepy and the voice is a bit annoying. At least they are going the right way compared with hers first singing attempt :)

  • Robotbling

    @ pagan

    Haha, yep… the age-old problem.

    @ Bright

    It’ll really be something when robots can dance as well as the girls in this video.

  • Bright Ibeawuchi

    Not much lateral movement and both feet planted on the floor. Still, pretty freaking amazing.

  • pagan

    HRP-4C does it again. If only the software (AI) for humanoid robots would progress as fast as the hardware engineering obviously does.