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Videos: Senba Robot Fashion Contest 2010

The Senba Robot Fashion Contest took place on October 10th 2010, in Osaka and was broadcast live by NHK.  Prof. Minoru Asada (Osaka University), Hiroko Koshino (Fashion designer), and Tomotaka Takahashi (ROBO-GARAGE) judged the contest.

Contest rules suggested that participants use bipedal robots, since the goal is to mimic human fashion shows, but quadrupeds and hexapods were also allowed – including a pack of AIBOs. Participants had to make an outfit for their robot and choreograph a short performance routine (about a minute to two minutes long).  If your robot couldn’t wear clothes, you would still be allowed to enter if you pasted fabric-like stickers onto the robot or if it could do some sort of special trick (like playing a guitar).

First place was awarded the grand prize of 500,000 JPY ($5,000 USD), with others receiving varying amounts ($2,000 ~ $200 USD).  Videos and high resolution photos of all the robots can be found at the source links, and I’ve tucked some of my favorite demonstrations after the break.  A couple of the robots were pretty big (one of which is pictured above), and as you’ll see it’s not easy to make it dance the way the HRP-4C did this weekend!

[source: Pink Rabbit Momo USA @ YouTube] & [Pink Rabbit Den (JP)]

Video (1st place winner, Anne):

Video (Fencer Corsale):

Video (Nikara MODE):

Video (Lilia):

Video (“Monster Band” Kinugoshi):

Video (the quite large Shiruka-san)

Video (Alice by Dancing Doll RZ):

Even Hexapods got in on the action…

Video (GAWA-Project):
  • alex

    so keionbu “Monster Band” didn’t win :)