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EVOLTA Traveler Meets Up With Shizuoka’s Gundam!

Panasonic has updated its official EVOLTA YouTube channel with some new videos recapping the journey from October 4th ~ 10th.  They start as early as 5AM, and so far they’ve already covered more than 70km.  It seems like there’s been quite a few maintenance hiccups, but so far it hasn’t stopped them for more than a day or so.  The robot challenged the Hakone Pass, a steep mountainous region, which really shows what a strain it can be on the batteries.  It’s all worth it in the end as there’s a stunning view from the top.

Video (October 4th ~ 7th) (Mirror):

The 2nd video is a little more fun, if you only have time to watch one.

Video (October 8th ~ 10th) (Mirror):

Passing through Shizuoka, how could they resist stopping by the 1:1 scale Gundam statue on display?  Check after the break for a photo of the EVOLTA Traveler (18cm) next to its big brother (18m) for a true size comparison.

The team made the most of their trip through Shizuoka by also visiting the ROBOTS and ARTS exhibit, which is currently being curated by the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum (until November 7th).  There, the EVOLTA Traveler was reunited with some of his siblings including the Manoi PF01 and FT, which made for a cute photo op.

“Hey guys!  See you again when I get back!”

[source: EVOLTA official blog (JP)] &  [ROBOTS and ARTS (JP)]


Image credit:
EVOLTA official blog (JP) | ROBOTS and ARTS

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