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• Enryu T-53


If we’re ever going to see mecha like the ones in anime and video games, chances are it’ll be because of TMSUK Co. Ltd..  The latest in their line of rescue robots is the Enryu T-53 (lit. ”Support Dragon”).  This little number is half the size of its older brother the T-52 so that it can move faster in emergency situations.  Its arms are more precise when moving towards a target, but aren’t quite as powerful.  Still, the T-53 is quite capable of moving heavy objects like rubble at the site of an earthquake with a load bearing of 220 pounds per arm.

It can also be used to move dangerous objects like barrels of toxic waste, controlled remotely via the cameras on its head and arms, or directly (so long as the operator wears some protection).  The arms are controlled via joysticks (so get training on your copy of Steel Battallion!) or with true mecha-style controls that mimic the operator’s arm movements.

The T-53 is more practical in other ways.  It’s the first robot licensed to travel on public roads, since it has headlights and brake lights.  The T-53 is being marketed not only as a rescue robot, but for construction and waste disposal industries as well.  Its claw-like hands are interchangeable with existing construction equipment parts allowing it to do a variety of jobs.



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