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PaPeRo Sings Adorable Version of “Ponyo”

Tokyo Tek has posted a video from the Digital Content Expo 2010 of a different singing robot – NEC’s PaPeRo!  A trio sang a version of Ponyo’s theme song (one of Studio Ghibli’s latest films) using Yamaha’s Vocaloid 2 software.  It just goes to show that while you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the same can’t be said of robots – just install some new software!  With digital content distribution becoming more and more mainstream thanks to smart phone app marketplaces, I’m sure if NEC ever gets around to actually marketing PaPeRo a large community will grow up around it.  Who wouldn’t want to download a Vocaloid app for their robot after seeing this video?

Video (Mirror):

And with news that HRP-4C’s performance at CEATEC 2010 was actually generated automatically using a new version of Vocaloid called Vocalistener, new users wouldn’t even have to spend hours inputting and tweaking individual notes.

[source: Tokyo Tek]

  • alex

    why did those two robots on the right and left remind me on Rin/Len… :)