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Taipei Int’l Robot Show 2010

The Taipei International Robot Show (TIROS) got underway today (October 19th ~ 22nd 2010), where 66 companies and 296 exhibitors are demonstrating their products and technological prowess.  Students can also compete in robot-related contests and workshops.  First held in 2008, TIROS is the only exhibition of its kind in Taiwan. It is jointly organized by the Robotics Association Taiwan, the MOEA and several state-backed research centers.  Coinciding with the event, the IEEE/RSJ 2010 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) is being held from the 18th to 22nd at the Taipei International Conference Center.  Sounds like the place to be this week!

This unnamed robot (head and torso only) built by the electrical engineering department of National Taiwan University was shown mimicking facial expressions.  I’ve seen far worse examples, but this still looks more like a puppet than a person.

National Taiwan University’s Advanced Control Lab was also on hand demonstrating Julia, a service robot that can fetch the stock index, weather, and play music for you.

Hiwin Technologies demonstrated a piano-playing robot.  “Up to now, other types of robots have used only one finger to play the piano,” said Enid Tsai, spokeswoman for Hiwin Technologies Corp.  “Our robot uses 10 fingers and can play a complex melody.”  Um, sorry Enid, but you’re wrong – there are plenty of examples out there that have been there, done that!

Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showed off their humanoid service robot Roppie, which can now play a game of tic-tac-toe against a human opponent by picking up and placing marked blocks on a grid.

Hobby robots also got in on the action; here judges watch a robot dance competition where RoboBuilder kits put on a show.

A bipedal hobby robot kit called “Iron Egg” – an identical copy of Kondo’s original KHR-1 kit by the looks of it, is outfitted with what appears to be a copy of Crafthouse’s miniature 5-fingered robot hands as well.

The Iron Egg kits dressed up as Shan Tai Tz, or Third Prince (a Taoist god).


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