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• Robo Pichon-kun

PICHON-headersmDaikin is a manufacturer of air conditioners and air purifiers in Japan, and their special brand of filters help to eliminate not only bad odors (from smelly bathrooms, fish, cat litter, smoke, and garbage) but bacteria, mold, dust mites, pollen, and other potentially dangerous airborne particles – leaving your house as fresh as the morning air.

According to them, your health isn’t being protected by boring filtration systems, but by a 15cm tall droplet named Pichon-kun (his name comes from the sound of a droplet falling) who pilots a mecha called Robo Pichon-kun, a fighting machine that literally lays the smack-down on the microbial baddies.

Robo Pichon-kun has been on tour across Japan, spreading awareness of Daikin’s air purifiers to saucer-eyed kindergartners in a 2 hour long show which includes a live demonstration of the robot as well as a costume play filled with a cast of cute characters. The robot’s signature moves include punch, punch, punch, SPARKLING PUNCH!! – along with song and dance routines. Inside the robot, which is 70cm tall and weighs 4kg, Pichon-kun is seen helming the controls.

pichon-animationFor their marketing ploy to work, Daikin needed to include some sort of educational material, so they had the kids assemble small paper versions of their corporate mascot that could move via a servo taped inside.

It helps that Daikin’s headquarters are located in Osaka, home to one of the world’s leading RoboCup Soccer teams. After winning tournaments a couple years in a row, Team Osaka was approached by Daikin with the idea of creating a promotional robot mascot for their company. And since Team Osaka is made up of some of the best minds in the business with ties to Vstone, a robot and servo manufacturer, it took no more than 2 months to develop a working model.



Image credits:
Vstone | Daikin | Impress Robot Watch