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Quasi Hits The Road, Teaches Kids About Robotics

Interbots has built a new version of their entertainment robot Quasi for Carnegie Mellon University’s traveling science show for kids called “Rockin’ Robots”.  Quasi, like most entertainment robots, is part science and part puppetry.  Sometimes the robot is used with a Wizard of Oz set-up, controlled by an unseen human performer.  In the following video, you can see it performing a prerecorded routine about the Jason ROV.  It appears that most of Quasi’s actuators are external, located beneath it, and pull wires to make the robot move – sort of like a reverse puppet.  It’s an interesting and fairly unusual set-up for this kind of robot, but appears to work pretty well.

Video (Mirror):

Recently Interbots unveiled a therapy robot developed to study autism called Popchilla.

[source: Interbots @ YouTube]

  • Robotbling

    @ feydaykyn

    Well, lots of humanoids are, to some extent, advanced puppets. Most of the entertaining actions like dance routines and stuff have to be programmed in advance.

  • I am really dissapointed by Quasi, it is a puppet but not a robot. Too bad !

  • alex

    looks funny and the movements are great but that voice is a bit annoying