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More Media From TIROS 2010

Hong Kong-based hobby roboticist BloodKeith has posted a plethora of photographs and short video clips that he took while exploring the various booths at the TIROS 2010 on his blog.  He was there representing Digi Tech, which sells servos among other things.

Video (BloodKeith’s robot TK03) (Mirror):

Taiwanese hobby robot kit maker Innovati was showcasing a new version of their Robotinno biped, which had Crafthouse-style miniature hands attached.  Another Taiwanese hobby kit maker, Shayang Ye, demonstrated their Iron Egg bipeds with various costumes and plastic exoskeletons.

Video (Mirror):

Taipei’s Precision Machinery Research & Development Center (PMC) brought out their service robots Upitor and Vanilla Baby (which was featured in a music video by pop singer Jay Chou).  Vanilla Baby served as the ambassador of Taipei’s pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo this year.

Video (Mirror):

Many more clips and a great selection of photos can be found at the source link below.

[source: BloodKeith’s blog]

Update: I Heart Robotics has also posted a couple of photo galleries from TIROS 2010 which are worth checking out (here and here).

[source: I Heart Robotics]