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Igaa-san’s 4-legged, 4-wheeled Tachikoma-like

Japanese hobbyist Igaa-san, known for his white Sarga humanoid that scuttles toward its opponent, grabs them around the legs, and then suplexes them, has created a new unnamed prototype robot.  It has 4 legs, each with 4 wheels for feet, allowing the robot to both walk and drive around much like the spider-like Tachikoma mecha seen in Ghost in the Shell.  He’s planning on rounding out the robot’s appearance, which will make it look even more similar.  The following video shows what it can do after only a couple of days creating motion routines.  He laments that it drives a bit slow, but it more than makes up for that with its versatility.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Ropotal (JP)] via [Iketomu @ Twitter]