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Photos: HRP-4C Goes For A Stroll Outside

Researchers at AIST have been working on a new biped gait stabilizer which they presented at last month’s 2010 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.  Their implementation of posture and force control can reduce the complexity of the robot system to a simple inverted pendulum with ZMP delay.  This allows their humanoid robot HRP-4C to walk outside on uneven pavement.

Images by AIST from “Biped Walking Stabilization Based on Linear Inverted Pendulum Tracking” by Shuuji Kajita, Mitsuharu Morisawa, Kanako Miura, Shin’ichiro Nakaoka, Kensuke Harada, Kenji Kaneko, Fumio Kanehiro and Kazuhito Yokoi (Humanoid Robotics Group, Intelligent systems institute, AIST).

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