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Are You A Programmer? Help Complete OpenQbo For Linux

TheCorpora’s open source robot Qbo can be seen in the latest video moving around and performing SLAM in an almost complete state, thanks in no small part to OpenQbo, a Linux distribution (based on Ubuntu 10.04) that includes software and applications directed towards robots.  That includes stuff like Festival (speech synthesis), JULIUS (speech recognition), OpenCV, and ROS.  The project is still fairly early, so if you’re a programmer who’d like to help out by all means head over to the source link and download OpenQbo for yourself.

Video (Mirror):

[source: TheCorpora]

  • alex

    “these key developers will be able to purchase a NAO”
    – Shouldn’t they give it to them for free or at least lend it ? So you will do their work but have to pay for it, instead of them paying you ?

  • Obi

    Aldebaran Robotics will invite Developpers to play with Nao too ! ^_^

  • alex

    what will be the actual / end purpose of the robot ?

    • Robotbling

      For now you could consider it an experimental platform for testing out and implementing all the basic robotic software.