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Budapest Hosts Bacarobo (Stupid Robot) Europe 2010

We all love robots, even really stupid ones.  In fact, the more ridiculous they are, the more popular they seem to be.  The Baca Robo Contest, originally started in 2007 by Maywa Denki, has now made its way to Europe by way of Budapest, Hungary.  The contest has three simple tenets: people, robots, and laughter.  The louder people howl at your robotic creation, the higher your score will be, bringing you that much closer to the coveted €2,000 ($2,700 USD) prize.

Maywa Denki’s president (the creator of the hilarious “singing” toy Otomaton) made the 14 hour trip to help judge the contest, and even performed a version of a traditional Hungarian song on his strange invention.  According to him, he felt that the Japanese were more motherly, pampering their creations, while the Europeans were more fatherly; having flipped the “on” switch, they were content to stand back proudly.  He also thinks that if the contest can grow to the size of the Olympics, we can all laugh at ourselves, and there will be no more wars.  Well, a man can dream.

Video (Mirror):

[source: President of Maywa Denki’s blog (JP)] & [photos @ Flickr]