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Wakamaru Stars in New Film Based On Stage Plays

A new film entitled “Deep in the Woods (Robot version)” is to be screened at the Ishibashi Handai Film Festival 2010 on November 20th, 2010.  The title refers to the setting of the play, a research laboratory in the African Congo where Bonobos are being raised to study the differences between the ape and human brain.  The thread of ape-human-robot becomes evident as the humans relate to and interact with their robot helpers and primate counterparts.  The film runs 90 minutes and contains clips from Hirata Oriza’s stage plays such as “My Work” (2008), which he produced at Osaka University with the help of Hiroshi Ishiguro (ATR) and Kuroki Kazunari (Eager Co. Ltd.).  The plays are performed by a combination cast of human actors and Mitsubishi’s household robot Wakamaru, resulting in a cutting-edge fusion of the arts and sciences.  It debuted in late August (hence the awesome Vitruvian Man / Wakamaru mash-up poster).

[source: Osaka University (JP)] via [240gara @ Twitter]

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