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The World Welcomes A New Samurai Robot

Let’s be honest, the Samurai of Kuroda and TMSUK’s Kiyomori were never going to be enough to slake the world’s thirst for more samurai robots.  JR Propo and Matsuyoshi Dolls have teamed up to create a new one based on Date Masamune, a real-life samurai who founded the modern-day city of Sendai.  It stands up from its sitting position and can verbally cut you with 5 spoken phrases.  Standing 67cm (2’2″) tall, the 10kg (22 lbs) robot was a bit overwhelmed by its heavy accouterments, but eventually they were able to fix the problem.  At 1,000,000 JPY ($12,300 USD) it’s far too expensive for my peasant blood, but the president of Matsuyoshi Dolls says they never planned on actually selling it.  They might rent it out for corporate events, which seems likely given that its first job was to help open the 23rd Industrial Exhibition in Higashi, Osaka.  To be honest, what we really need next is another samurai robot.

[source: Robonable (JP)]

  • alex

    It’s Japan, you can never have enough samurai robot.
    Needs more samurai robots ~desu :)