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RobotBox: Build, Share, Inspire

RobotBox is a site that’s been around since late 2008, but in case you somehow missed it, it’s a site where hobby roboticists can get together and share their creations. Like the hobbyist counterpart to Plastic Pals, William Cox started Robotbox to make it easy to find information on robot projects in one convenient place, and all stripes and types are welcome. As a result, it’s a great place to show off your work and get inspired, or inspire others. There are already over 200 robot projects to browse through, and the site boasts a large membership and monthly contests.

A nice feature is that Robot Clubs can organize their members and projects, making it easier to keep in touch and keep tabs on what everyone is up to.  You can easily upload text, images, and video of your project. The site also includes a blog function, and you can comment and vote on other projects. You can even browse an extensive part inventory and see how robot projects used a specific part.  So if you’re interested in building a robot and you’re not quite sure where to begin or what is possible, Robotbox seems like a great place to start.

William Cox, the webmaster, is no stranger to robots himself.  He’s been blogging about robots for more than 10 years at, and Robotbox itself was formerly known as the Robot Dictionary until it was made over in 2008.  Check it out, bookmark it, use it!

  • Alex,
    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you! The more information the better, but I can’t force people to add all that – I just ask nicely :) The best way to encourage more content is to asking questions in the comments. It helps let the builders know that people are interested in their project and want more information.
    Let me know if you have any more suggestions.
    Happy building.

  • alex

    It would be better if they would put there more things like: the making of the robot – pictures + something like a tutorial, schematics, drawings, videos etc.
    I looked at a few robots there and it was quite plain, just a few pictures of the robot :(

    • Robotbling

      Well, technically individuals could post their progress or making of pictures and stuff in blog posts on there.