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Actroid / Geminoid-F On Stage in “Farewell”

Earlier we reported that ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd.’s female android, the Actroid-F (aka Geminoid-F) would star alongside a human actress in a stage play called “Farewell” (Sayounara in Japanese).  The play is part of the ongoing Robot Theater Project led by director Hirata Oriza (Osaka University) and Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro (ATR), which has previously used Mitsubishi’s household robot Wakamaru. The play is said to explore the meaning of life and death to human beings and robots, when a young woman with a terminal illness is paired up with a therapeutic android.

Interestingly, despite Prof. Ishiguro’s best efforts at creating an android to relay human presence the actress Bryerly Long says, “I kind of feel alone, I think.  There’s a bit of a distance… the robot has quite a particular position.  It’s got a voice, but it’s not the same kind of human presence.”  The 20-minute play opened in a Tokyo theater earlier this week.

Earlier this year, KITECH’s female android EveR-3 starred in a Korean play based on Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

[source: ITN News @ YouTube] via [IEEE Spectrum]

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