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Service Robots from ROBOT WORLD 2010

ROBOT WORLD 2010 was held from October 28th~31st 2010, showcasing some of Korea’s latest military, industrial, and service robots alongside some international exhibitors from France and Taiwan.  Aldebaran Robotics showcased NAO, and DasaRobot had a display for their robotic dog, Genibo.  Genibo may get a 2nd generation as DasaRobot announced plans to reveal a new intelligent robot at ROBOT WORLD 2011 (though it may just be a new service robot).  Hanool Robotics was one of several companies hawking robotic vacuum cleaners (theirs is the OTTORO), and also brought out the 2nd generation of their service robot Tiro (which recently took a job at the Presidential Residence).

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics (KIST CIR) brought out CIROS, a service robot similar in size and shape to their earlier T-Rot.  The robot has two arms and stereoscopic vision and a laser range finder to detect objects in 3D space.  It is said to be capable of going to the fridge and fetching items upon request.

Yujin Robot is now commercializing their service robot Cafero.  The robot can autonomously deliver trays of food and beverages, and take orders from its touch screen display.  At 80,000,000 KRW (approx. $71,000 USD) it may prove too expensive for most restaurants and coffee shops, but will likely find work at Korea’s upcoming robot-themed amusement parks.

A potted plant robot from WEROBO was one of the more bizarre products on display.  It checks the humidity and will change color and call you to water the plants if things get too dry.  The company plans to begin rolling them out by the end of the year.

FutureRobot’s receptionist robot FURO was doing the rounds in both English and Korean.  The robot’s disembodied head is capable of 30 facial expressions.  You can make and pay for orders using the robot’s touch screen panel and debit card reader, after which the robot will print your receipt.  The touch screen could also be used for educational purposes, says the company.

Finally, the Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics (PIRO) demonstrated their guide robot POPO and hospital support robot PIRO M-2.  The latter can take night time temperature, check patient blood pressure, and allows for remote monitoring by nurses.  So far the robot has undergone a 2 month trial at a university hospital, and tests are still ongoing.

[source: Robonable (JP)] & [see more photos: Trossen Robotics]

  • alex

    on this photo FURO looks much better than in the previous post
    make it less bulky-especially the upper body, change the color-instead of that red/white use black/white and make it look like a maid, make the face more anime like-in 2D bigger eyes look better…and the robot would look great.