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• HRP-2m Choromet

CHOROMET-headersmIn 2006 AIST created a smaller version of their HRP-2 Promet industrial humanoid, this one called the HRP-2m Choromet, designed by Yutaka Izubuchi (who worked on the anime series Patlabor).  It runs on AIST’s proprietary OpenHRP software and CORBA using the ARTLinux operating system.   Choromet stands just 35-37cm (1′ 1.8″) tall, weighs 1.5kg (3.3 lbs), and has 20 DOF (legs x 6, arms x 4).  In addition the robot has a three axis force sensor in its pelvis as well as gyro and accelerometer sensors in its chest.

The technology has been transferred to General Robotix for sale and distribution.  The software provides a 3D GUI and uses the gyro sensor feedback to balance the robot via its ZMP (zero moment point), a trait that is missing in similar sized hobby robots.

Choromet has roughly the same motor functions as its big brother, which means it’s capable of actions such as standing on one foot and getting up from an inclined position. It is intended to be used as an educational resource to help university students study humanoid robot control methods and is competitively priced for that market at 500,000 yen ($4,450).




Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | OpenCage

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