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Three Humanoid Robot Reveals Coming Up

2010’s avalanche of new humanoid robots is set to continue through to the very end of the year as a trio of robot reveals are coming up.  PAL Robotics is giving a presentation of their REEM-H2 service robot and their modular systems at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates on November 25th.  From the first photo it looks like the robot’s design has been updated slightly from the original concept (the face has bigger eyes and it has proper hands).  Virginia Tech RoMeLa and Robotis will be showing off the new DARwIN-OP (which was previously called the DARwIn-LC) humanoid robot kit on December 7th at Humanoids 2010 in Nashville.  Details like final pricing and availability should be interesting to hobby roboticists.  Finally, UCSD’s Machine Perception Lab’s baby robot Diego-san wasn’t ready for its planned reveal this month, so they are targeting sometime in December.

[source: PAL Robotics] & [RoMeLaVT @ Twitter]

  • alex

    …sure :)

  • Robotbling

    @ alex

    I’m guessing that would be just one application, for fun. I’m sure they have plenty of practical ideas. :)

  • alex

    so will it be a mime robot ? :)
    at least they changed the face but still looks strange