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PaPeRo Encourages Old Folks To Get Out More

NEC’s communication robot PaPeRo is undergoing more clinical trials with men and women aged 65~75.  The three-week trial includes a pedometer to encourage participants to get out.  When they return PaPeRo cheerfully announces their progress, “Yesterday you walked 7954 steps.  That’s about 5 and a half kilometers!”  This trial also includes the blood-pressure monitoring system by Continua Health Alliance which was shown at CEATEC Japan 2010.  Health stats can be compared anonymously with others in your area via the internet, which should help to promote a more active lifestyle.  PaPeRo is also making friends at a local spa facility, where it resides in the lobby and gives daily weather and news headlines.  This follows an earlier trial at the National Rehab Center for the Disabled.

[source: Yomiuri Online (JP)] via [K. Moriyama’s diary (JP)]