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• KHR-1

KHR1-headersmKAIST’s most famous and sophisticated robot began life as the KHR-0 (Korean Humanoid Robot), beginning back in 2000. The very first prototype had no head or arms, as the researchers were focused on the first and all-important task of getting it to balance on two legs. It stood 110cm tall and weighed 29kg with only 12 DOFs.

By 2002 the KHR-0 was replaced by the KHR-1, which had simple arms on an upper body. This was KAIST’s first full-size humanoid, standing 120cm tall and weighing 48kg. However, it lacked sophistication in its arms and head with only 21 DOFs (legs x6, arms x4, and 1 for waist yaw motion).

The KHR-1 was able to walk forward, shuffle sideways, turn, and balance on one leg. It was also given some PI control using FSRs in its feet, which allowed it to stabilize itself when knocked off balance by external forces by shifting its weight. Its batteries had a running time of about 1 hour.



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