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Life With PALRO – Remembering Objects and Places

Fuji Soft Inc has published a couple of new videos of their educational humanoid robot platform, PALRO, demonstrating its ability to remember specific objects and places. In the first example, PALRO remembers a location and what it did there (in this case, dancing). In the second example, PALRO remembers the pink ball and asks to play with it.

Video (Mirror):

Video (Mirror):

PALRO has 20 degrees of freedom, and has an Intel Atom processor (Z530 1.6GHz), 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, a 4GB SSD, and has a variety of sensors including 8 pressure sensors in its feet, gyro sensors and accelerometers, distance sensors, and a 300K pixel CMOS camera.  It is currently available to Japanese educational institutes for 298,000 JPY ($3,500 USD), making it one of the most affordable platforms in its size and spec range.

[source: PALROgarden @ YouTube]

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