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Korea’s SIL-BOT Does The Tango & More

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics (KIST, CIR) have uploaded some new videos demonstrating their penguin-like partner robot SIL-BOT.  The robot is being used in early childhood education, and has been modified in some cases for use as a telepresence robot for English teachers.  It was originally designed to help stave off dementia among the elderly by playing games and holding simple conversations.  The first video shows the robot’s emotional expressions when greeting, as well as how it reacts when smacked upside the head or gently patted.  The second video showcases the robot’s sound source estimation, where three people seated around the robot call to it in turn, and the robot turns to face them.  It can detect people in various lighting conditions and responds differently based on the person.  The third shows a pair of SIL-BOTs “tango dancing” with hilarious results.

Video (emotional expressions) (Mirror):

Video (sound source estimation) (Mirror):

Video (tango dancing) (Mirror):

Recently the center’s robotic English tutor, FR-i, was named one of TIME’s best inventions of 2010.

[source: YSSMecha @ YouTube]

  • alex

    that’s one funny robot