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NEC Strikes Comedy Gold With Latest PaPeRo Promo Video

Listen as a group of robot fans gleefully hail their future robot overlord in this totally unexpected and hilarious video from NEC.  In Japan, ouendan are cheering squads typically made up of male fans who support their favorite sports team as loudly as they can.  The gist of the anthem (from my admittedly limited Japanese) is their beloved and respected cybernetic pal PaPeRo must always do his best!  It’s weird, it’s wacky, and it could only come from Japan.  Enjoy.

Video (PaPeRo Ouendan!!) (Mirror):

Another video is decidedly less energetic though no less straight from the heart.  It shows some behind the scenes photographs from the robot’s build, and introduces PaPeRo’s services for the elderly and society at large to the tune of an emotional theme song.  And did I mention you can follow PaPeRo on Twitter?

[source: NECOnlineTV @ YouTube]

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