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Robot Movies Hitting Theaters in July, October 2011

Hollywood has a bunch of robot-themed movies on its plate, and with the exception of James Cameron’s Battle Angel, I can’t get excited about them.  The first Transformers movie was pretty awful, but I still gave it an extremely weak recommendation just for the robots.  I never bothered seeing the second one, and now the third is coming to theaters in July 2011, subtitled “Dark of the Moon”.  I don’t plan on ever seeing it, but I did watch the trailer (available at Apple Movie Trailers).  Is it just me, or does this robot’s face look like an old man?  Why would they do that?

Is this the Transformers’ version of Gandalf?

And check out the first teaser trailer for Real Steel (releasing October 2011).  The film is being directed by Shawn Levy, who’s previous string of comedies can best be described as mediocre.  The film is based on an episode from The Twilight Zone called Steel, set in a future where human boxing has been outlawed and replaced with robots.  It takes place in a regular old city, with regular cars – make that regular everything – except for the 8 feet tall, 2000 pound robots.  I really hate when movies are set in the future, yet don’t put any effort into making it look futuristic.

It’s the future.  What, can’t you tell?

In the original story the boxing promoter (now played by Hugh Jackman) ends up entering the ring himself inside his robot when it breaks down.  Hopefully the writers don’t stick too closely to the source material.  Its only other recognizable star is Evangeline Lily (Lost), but like the Transformers films the robots are the real stars of the show.  The production built practical versions of all the robot fighters for added realism wherever they could be used instead of their CG counterparts.  Needless to say I’m not excited about this one at all, but I may go see it to review it.

So far 2011 is looking pretty grim for movies.

[source: BoxOfficeSpy] via [Botjunkie]

  • Mike

    As bad as Real Steel looks, it could be worse. At least it’s not Robot Jox

  • alex

    “Is it just me, or does this robot’s face look like an old man?”
    – he’s probably old and wise and so on

    I thought the first Transformers movie was OK considering that you have to make a movie about robots transforming into cars and cars transf. into robots, but the final fight with all the slow motions was lame. I didn’t watch the 2nd movie yet.

    Real Steel looks really really awful even for Hollywood standards :) It’s probably a movie after a game:
    If the robots would at least look like terminators and not like transformers then it could be cool.