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Mr. SemProM, AILA’s Older Brother

The Robotics Innovation Center at DFKI Bremen has posted a video showcasing their package-handling robot using its SemProM (Semantic Product Memory) system.  An RFID tag with the package contents, weight, and other details can be read by the robot.  Mr. SemProM was the prototype robot developed to test the system, which would later be replaced by the more finished AILA.  It stands 175cm (5’9″) tall, and its two arms have 7 degrees of freedom apiece.  Stereo cameras help it locate objects while a camera on its left wrist gives it an even closer view during manipulation tasks.  Interestingly, it has grippers capable of handling small objects (something AILA lacks), though it seems in the end it was decided they were unnecessary for lifting boxes.


Video (Mirror):


[source: DFKI Bremen (EN/DE)]

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