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ZMP Reveals New Educational Humanoid Platform?

It seems that ZMP’s President H. Taniguchi accidentally tweeted (automatically) some unlisted YouTube videos of what appears to be his company’s latest educational robot platform.  The cat’s not out of the bag yet (no firm details so far), but what we do know is this one has an upper body with arms (3 degrees of freedom each), a single camera for a head, and a backpack large enough to hold a decent-sized processor.

It looks like the next generation of the company’s small-scale educational robot (compare it to the e-nuvo WALK ver.3), which has 12 degrees of freedom (2 legs x6) and is used to study bipedal walking.  That robot sells for 606,000 JPY (approx. $7,200 USD), so it’s reasonable to expect the new one will cost at least $10,000 USD given its increased degrees of freedom and other upgrades.  If so, it will face a serious uphill battle against the recently revealed DARwIn-OP which in our opinion appears to be the better platform.


Still, we wish ZMP the best as the world’s small humanoid market really starts to heat up!

[source: ZMP_ROBOT @ Twitter (JP)]

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