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Robots Spread Holiday Cheer

From PAL Robotics‘ REEM-B

First there was Raptor Jesus, so it was only a matter of time before Raptor Santa appeared – he’s growling,”Merry Christmas!” and appears to be reaching in for a delightful hug.  This is actually one of Kokoro Co. Ltd.’s animatronic dinosaurs.

Of course, many foreigners have observed that Christmas in Japan is more akin to Valentine’s Day than the traditional western concept of the holiday, but perhaps robots see things differently.  After all, they have this little guy:

His batteries died for their sins

Keio University and Muratec’s cart delivery robot MKR-003 dressed up as Santa Claus again this year.  In past holidays the robot has been known to lead the nurses he works with in a round of Christmas carols.

Video (Mirror):

Meanwhile the weird climbing “Roboyan” robots (which appeared at the Shanghai World Expo earlier this year) couldn’t help but get in on the act, too.  The robots were built by a group of 15 small businesses in the Osaka area.  Perhaps they’re climbing to the roof in search of the chimney?

Video (Mirror):

More photos of their shenanigans can be found at RoboTimes.

[source: Robonable (JP)]