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Robovie R3: Telepresence Tour Guide

A robot is remotely controlled by the man in the foreground

ATR’s latest experiment puts local volunteers at the controls of the Robovie R3.  Often the elderly with expert knowledge of an area and its historical landmarks don’t get to share this valuable information with tourists, as it can be a problem just getting out to a specific site.  The experiment proposes that volunteers could control a robot remotely, interacting with people from the comfort of their own home.  Experiments will take place between January and March at the Nara City Tourism Information Center.  ATR hopes that they can refine the system so that anyone can easily take control of the robot with just a little practice.  It allows the operator to listen and respond to questions and add arm gestures.  If the project is a success, it could provide meaningful contact between younger and older generations that wouldn’t normally occur.

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