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• Miuro


ZMP (the makers of the NUVO) have created a robotic music player that can follow you around your home, playing songs from its Kenwood speakers. The 36cm (14″), 5 kg (11 lbs) Miuro (Music Innovation based on Utility Robot technology) can play songs from the radio, your ipod, or download music wirelessly from your computer’s itunes playlist via wifi. A high resolution VFD screen displays the song title, album, or radio station.  It lasts approximately 3 hours to a charge (8 with the optional high capacity battery).

The optional but essential camera allow it to take snapshots (which it sends to your email), as well as locate you from anywhere inside your home. Simply summon it with the small remote or your cellphone and its obstacle detection allows it to find you, stopping at the optimal music listening distance depending on whether it is placed on the floor or a table.  This “sweet spot” has been fine tuned with the help of Kenwood to give the user the best listening experience.  The robot is equipped with distance sensors, and touch sensors which allow it to map your living space so that it follow you anywhere you want it to.

The sensors prevent it from smashing into things or falling off ledges while it sways to the beat and lights up its LEDs.   For $900 this stylish robot can be yours.



Image credits:
ZMP | Impress Robot Watch

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