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Chinese Theme Park Rips Off Gundam, Int’l Uproar Ensues

Chinese amusement parks have long been known for ripping off iconic mascots and characters such as Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, and Hello Kitty, and their latest “import” is causing an international uproar.  The amusement park located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China has had to cover their latest exhibit with a plastic sheet after photos surfaced online causing a massive stir.  Earlier it unveiled a large statue that is an exact copy of the popular Gundam franchise, albeit with an off-color paint job.

When asked why the new statue was being covered, the park’s manager only added insult to injury, claiming that, “The statue is a completely original creation.  We were surprised, and plan to make some adjustments now that we know a similar project exists elsewhere.”  His statement will only further infuriate those in Japan when they see that the park is populated by other characters from Japanese anime and manga, including the highly recognizable Ultra Man heroes.  You can watch the Japanese news coverage of the fiasco at the source link below.

The park homepage even claimed the statue was 20 meters tall when it is only 15 meters, in an attempt to give the impression that the statue was bigger than the official 18 meter Gundam statue currently on display in Shizuoka, Japan.  Meanwhile, a recently published conceptual image showing the new skyline of Incheon, South Korea after a new office building is completed (along with the planned Robot World park) is nothing short of a ticking time bomb.  The park will host a humongous 111 meter tall statue of Taekwon V, a patriotic robot that is derivative of the Japanese cartoon called Mazinger Z.  And if there’s one thing Japan prides itself on, it’s their giant robots.  Everyone knows you never get involved in a land war in Asia, and you don’t mess with Japan’s giant robots.

The planned 150-story City Tower in Incheon, Cheongna District

Update: It appears that the Chinese theme park has now started to demolish their phony Gundam statue.  You can also check out some comparison shots if you had any doubt that they are based on the Gundam franchise.

[source: Fuji News Network (JP)] & [Henkyo @ Tumblr]

  • Yami Kategari

    Wow, I never knew that China could actually pull of such a… such a… Heist…
    I mean, that thing looks like a cat dragged home the actual Gundam and spewed all over the poor thing, and then the theme parks thought “Hey, let’s use this”…
    Man, I’ve heard of silly people but this is just ridiculous…

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  • alex

    lol only China can a Gundam with such awful colors and I guess it’s probably made of trash