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More Telepresence Teachers for Korean Classrooms in 2011

Korean officials are touting the success of their educational robotics program, which has successfully completed its 14-week pilot program (which we’ve covered pretty consistently here on Plastic Pals [see 1, 2, 3, 4]).

Twenty-nine robots have already been placed in twenty-one schools at a cost of 1.6B KRW ($1.4M USD).  Recently TIME online picked the English teaching robot FR-i as one of its best inventions of 2010, but a new robot (EngKey) shows that human English teachers won’t be entirely eliminated from the classroom.  The teacher’s face will be viewable on a small LED monitor, and they’ll have control over the robot’s movement and arm gestures.  While the robot teachers will still be used, their lessons will be supplemented by native speakers to check student progress.  The Korean government is hoping that other countries will buy into their educational robots for their own classrooms.

[source: (KR)]


  • alex

    Has Korea such shortage of teachers.
    Looks a bit creepy to be “teached” buy such robot.