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ATOM-7xp Needs Your Help

Dan Mathias of Futurebots is asking for donations to help spur progress on his home-built full-scale humanoid robot, the ATOM-7xp.  It’s certainly one of the more impressive DIY robotics projects we’ve seen, but we can’t help but worry about the financial burden it has become (Dan has had to take out a 2nd mortgage on his house to help pay for the robot’s development).  Might we be forgiven for suggesting that he downsize his operation by acquiring a smaller biped, perhaps something like the recently announced DARwIn-OP?

Video (legs test):


  • alex

    ^something that would work, could be sold and could do useful tasks
    -read his site what is the purpose of the robot

  • “he could spend his money on something more useful.”

    What is a more useful way to spend your money then to spend it towards fulfilling a dream?

  • alex

    don’t worry I know, I wanted just to state the facts

  • IJ Dee-Vo

    Let’s not try to place motivations on people when we don’t know what is their reasoning. He’s the one that knows the whys of this. So what if there are lots of humanoids out there? That’s no reason to build one. I think they are over rated but it is allways cool to see people take them on, more so when its not a lab, school, or company. I don’t have the money to donate but I hope he can carry this project to it’s conclusion. This is not his first robot so its not like he’s tarting from nothing, but if it was, what a way to start!

  • alex

    I watched the videos on his site -he will have serious problems to make the robot walk, if ever. One thing is to build such robot something else is to make movements and A.I. He should really start with a smaller kid size robot.
    He shouldn’t spend so much money on it. Without A.I. the robot is quite useless and there are other humanoid robots in the world. He probably wants to sell the robot in the future but without the A.I. it’s just lost money, no one will buy it.
    I think the most developed hum. robot is Asimo and they still can’t sell him because without A.I. he’s useless in real life. And Dan won’t probably be able to even reach Asimo – he could spend his money on something more useful.
    He could make the robot for presentations and rent him at least, like Kokoro does with their DER actroids.