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• Banryu T73S & HRS-Q11

TMSUK continued their line of “neo dinosaurs” with the T73S, which first appeared at Robodex 2003.  Straying even further from a recognizable species in appearance, it had 12 degrees of freedom (4 legs x2, neck, head, and tail x4), stood 65cm (2′) tall, 90cm (3′) long, and weighed 35kg (77 lbs).  It was loaded with sensors including a camera inside the hump on its back.  You could patch in via your cellphone when away from home and look around through a live video feed. An embedded copy of Windows98SE served as its operating system, so you knew you were getting the latest in technology. Somewhat pompously, they played the theme for Jurassic Park when unveiling it to the press, despite its relatively humble capabilities.  This model came in a variety of colors and even went up in price to a staggering 2,000,000 JPY ($24,500 USD).

Sanyo’s Banryu HRS-Q11 was the most colorful yet

Sanyo went on to create the Banryu HRS-Q11, which was a bit less clunky and looked like a long-necked dinosaur that could operate for up to 2 hours on its batteries.  As a result of its longer neck it grew to a height of 94cm (3′) but shortened to 80cm (31″) in length, and weighed approximately 36kg (79 lbs).  Designed primarily for entertainment purposes, this one had color-changing LEDs in its head, as well as face recognition.  The speech recognition was improved, and with the addition of speech synthesis it was able to voice greetings, play quiz games, and tell fortunes, or read a company’s latest product news at expo booths.  Like the others, it was equipped with a motion sensor, obstacle sensors, sound sensor, and an integrated temperature sensor.  Sanyo positioned it as a way to attract customers at trade events, renting it for 18,330 JPY ($220 USD) a day or 239,400 JPY ($2,900 USD) a month.

Only a small number of these robots were ever produced, and by 2004 they became extinct when TMSUK created a simplified home security robot called the Roborior that was about 1/10th the price.

Video (Banryu T73S):


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Impress Robot Watch | TMSUK | Generation5