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• T-82

In 2006 TMSUK teamed up with other robot-related businesses in Kyushu including Yaskawa, Simex, and Kyushu University, to develop the T-82.  Surprisingly, the robot’s main claim to fame was not its medieval appearance (which included a sword and shield) but rather the ultra-compact, lightweight actuator and control unit used its in multi-fingered hands.  The robot was presented publicly that year, scooping candy into a plastic bag for an audience of schoolchildren, and also held a bottle in one hand and twisted the cap (to open and close it) with the other.

The robot’s hands had three fingers, each with three joints, measuring about 20cm from knuckle to fingertip.  The miniature actuator weighed approximately 1kg and had a fingertip force of 1kg.  At the time, Yaskawa claimed they had developed the smallest robotic hands in its class, which could help robots interact with their environment better in the future.  The T-82 appears to have a single pan/tilt camera for a head, arms with 6 degrees of freedom, and a mobile base.  The project was partly funded by the Fukuoka Industry Science and Technology Foundation, which began in 2003 and had a budget of 2,500,000 JPY ($30,000) a year for three years.


[source: TMSUK’s T-82 webpage (JP)]