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Another Humanoid Robot Controlled With Kinect

Asura Engineering has been developing the user-friendly humanoid robot control software V-Sido for years.  Their software allows you to move your robot’s limbs in real-time by simply clicking and dragging on a 3D model with your mouse.  It even automatically corrects for movements that might cause the robot to tip over by calculating the robot’s center of gravity.  And if you’re the type that likes to attach cameras to your robot, you can enjoy a faux cockpit set-up that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Now the company has taken it a step further with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, allowing anyone to control their hobby robot using just their body gestures.  This is not the work of Taylor Veltrop in a new package; it was written from the ground up by Wataru Yoshizaki, and works well even for the legs!  Despite its customized exterior, the robot is a standard HPI GR-001, which comes ready-made.  Check it out:

Video (Mirror):

[source: V-Sido (JP)] via [Robotants @ Twitter]