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PALRO Already Fluent in English!

It’s been almost one year since we got our first look at Fuji Soft Inc.’s household robot PALRO, and now we have our first indication that it will be available outside of Japan at some point in the future.  The robot’s speech recognition and speech synthesis appears to be working flawlessly in English in the company’s latest promotional video.

Video (English interaction):

You may recall an earlier video update, which showcased the robot’s people tracking capabilities.  PALRO is able to recognize and follow the movements of multiple people in its field of view, and is able to estimate their distance from itself; perfect for serving as a receptionist, which it does in the next video.

Video (receptionist):

The robot is currently only available to educational institutes (for about $3,600 USD), but there’s no doubt that it will become more widely available once its capabilities have been further expanded.  PALRO’s no slouch in the specs department, running Linux (ubuntu 8.04LTS) on an Intel Atom processor (Z530 1.6GHz) with 1GB DDR2 SDRAM and can communicate wirelessly with your home PC to access a slew of applications.

[source: palroGarden @ YouTube]