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VGO Connects Sick Kids With Their Friends, Math Tests

Yesterday we looked at the R.Bot 100, a Russian telepresence robot that allowed a boy with leukemia to attend classes from the comfort of his own bedroom.    Today, we’ve got another example of distance-learning thanks to the VGO.  This time it’s an American high school student with Polycystic Kidney Disease, who’s weakened immune system prevents him from being there in person.

“All of last year, I was either in the hospital or at home doing all my work. I had no social interaction whatsoever.  It’s absolutely amazing,” said Lyndon.”I would have never thought when I was sick that I would ever have any interaction, much less this kind. It is just like I am there in the classroom.”

Imagine what life would be like if you were completely isolated from your friends.  When I was 11, I broke my femur which meant I had to spend 3 months in hospital.  It was pretty boring, kind of lonely, and I fell behind in my classes.  With telepresence robots, every school could have at least one or two for just these situations!  It may not be the office that is revolutionized by such robots after all.


[source: Texomas] via [Pilot Presence]

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