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Videos: RoboCup’s Adult-Size Competitors

It’s not a case of “go big or go home” when competing at RoboCup, but if we’re ever going to see the project’s goal of winning against a human team by 2050, we’re going to have to improve full-size robots.  RoboCup 2011 will take place this July in Istabul, Turkey and already some of the teams competing in the Adult-size league have uploaded their team’s qualification video.  Suralp, Turkey’s first full-size humanoid robot, was officially unveiled for the first time last year, though it is not expected to compete.

Video (Taiwan National University’s HuroEvolution AD) (Mirror):

Videos from Team JEAP and Dutch Robotics follow after the break.  There’s still a number of other full-size robots to look forward to, including those from RoboErectus and CIT Brains that have yet to be uploaded.

Video (TeamJEAP’s JoiTech humanoid) (Mirror):

Video (Dutch Robotics’ TUlip) (Mirror):

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