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RoboEarth: A Wikipedia For Robots?

A group of engineers at TechUnited (the University of Technology in Eindhoven) have developed a humanoid healthcare robot named AMIGO that is the first robot to get its instructions from an online database called RoboEarth.  RoboEarth is an EU-funded project described as the “internet for robots”, and will allow robots from anywhere with an internet connection to download instructions and “learn” from each other.  As the database grows, so too will a robot’s functionality.  The project sounds promising, but things are just getting started.

In the video, AMIGO autonomously fetches a drink and delivers it to a bed-ridden patient – a feat which took 35 engineers 5 exhausting days to get up and running.  Markus Waibel, an engineer working on the project, has written further coverage over at the IEEE Automaton blog.

Video (Mirror):

[source: TechUnited @ YouTube] & [RoboEarth]